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​​Third party certification is an independent guarantee that a management system, product and/or service comply with the requirements defined by the applicable regulatory standards.

The experience and skills we have consolidated at RINA SERVICES make us the right partner for organisations operating in a number of markets: Oil & Gas and renewable energies, Infrastructures and Transport, the Food industry and the Manufacturing sector.

Mandatory or voluntary certification can be obtained downstream of a process that involves a verification, test or inspection phase followed by a periodic cycle of controls to certify that conformity is maintained over t​ime.


Certification enables organisations to enter their relevant market with top level management standards, guaranteeing quality, sustainability and efficiency in their management and production processes, in personnel administration and in environmental protection.

By certifying compliance with international standards, RINA SERVICES certification helps organisations to protect themselves from unqualified competition and gives consumers the opportunity to base their buying choices on objective parameters.