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NEWS - 21/01/2015

​NOTICE TO CLIENTS - Quality Management System Certification

It has come to the attention of RINA that a communication (annexed to this letter) has been sent to some of its customers through an e-mail address which makes reference to the name of our Company.

We wish, first of all, to point out that the address used to send the above-mentioned communication does not belong to RINA and, therefore, is not to be considered authentic when it refers to our Company.

Similarly, the communication is not to be considered as pertinent to or coming from RINA or even authorised by RINA.

As concerns the content of the communication, we wish to clarify that RINA did not participate in the preparation of the document advertised on the website linked to the communication and, therefore, does not recommend the purchase of the said document. RINA does not assume any liability and, even less, any responsibility with regard to the content of the said document also with reference to the suitability for certification of the organizations that intend to adopt it.

Moreover, we wish to inform you that RINA has decided to implement all possible measures to safeguard its image and rights with respect to the facts described above.



Get Ready for ISO 9001:2015 - New ebook - paragraph-by-paragraph analysis of both versions of the ISO 9001
 Esteemed colleagues, according to the subject of the reference we put at your disposal the link to the new correlation matrix paragraph by paragraph between the two versions of the ISO 9001 "ISO 9001:2008 VS ISO DIS 9001 issued by ISO in July 2014 ".
The document can be purchased at the following link:


Data of the ebook:
 Edition: 1
Emission: October 2014
Pages: 41
Format: PDF
Price: 28,00 USD by Paypal
Declaration of conformity issued by a body of international certification: Available in http://www.iso2015ebook.com/en/

If you have any queries we are at your disposal.
Lic. Walter Patalano
Portal ISO 9001:2015