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News 10/11/2017

​Class and European Certificates for classic sailing passenger yachts under the Dutch Flag

​In the summer of 2016, we started a new project that aims to the issuance of class and European certificates for classic sailing passenger yachts under the Dutch Flag on behalf of the Dutch Flag Administration.

Currently, we are dealing with classification through the implementation of RINA rules for commercial yacht. Moreover, we are providing certification services according to the existent International conventions, such as the International load line convention, the International sewage convention, the code of safety for special purpose ships and, finally, the directive 2009/45/ec of the European parliament and of the council of 6 may 2009 on safety rules and standards for passenger ships.

The most interesting aspect of the sailing passenger yachts depends on their design. They have all been built in different periods, most of them were built at beginning of 1900 (i.e. SY Oosterschelde, Artemis, Morgenster) , and converted according to various legislative frameworks.

These sailing yachts are all ancient ships and, maintaining their own historical traditions, they will gradually converge into a unique classification society.

Up to now 30 vessels have been inspected and certified according to different international regulation.

We are therefore glad to announce that the project is performing excellently. All the boats have received their certification in time for the new season, with great appreciation of all the interested parties.