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ARTICLE 27/10/2017

​RINAUTIC magazine: interview with Fiona Maureso

​Working together to shape our future

In a fast-flowing industry, it makes sense to anchor oneself to solid principles. MYBA was founded by six yacht brokers in 1984, back in the days when deals could be done on a nod and a handshake. Anticipating the industry's growing professionalism, they drew up a standard contract for the sale and purchase of yachts. The document evolved into the MYBA Memorandum of Agreement, which is still, along with the MYBA Charter Agreement, a tried and trusted, industry-standard contract.

Fast-forward 33 years and the Association has gone from six brokers to 130 member companies representing yacht brokerage, charter and management. We now provide a wide range of tools for the industry, lobby on tax and law issues, and host events and seminars for both members and non-members. I've been involved with MYBA since 1986, so I've personally witnessed these changes and am proud to have have been involved in many of them.

MYBA may have evolved beyond recognition, but our founding principles – high ethical and professional standards, education and collaboration – remain central to our mission. We are still run by members for members and for the benefit of the industry, with myself and other board members volunteering significant time and expertise. Our strict membership criteria are in line with the high standards we promote.

As an association made up of experts close to the ground, MYBA's evolution reflects that of the industry. Nowhere is this more important than in education and training. Brokers in the past learnt their trade by working with a more experienced broker, but these days many people come fresh to the industry or step sideways from another field. Our Superyacht Brokers Seminar, held annually in Nice, is an intensive three-day crash course in the basics of yacht brokerage, charter and management. It has proven so successful that, for the first time, we will be hosting one in Florida later this year and have plans for another in London in early 2018.

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