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News 26/10/2017

​A new contract signed with Tengda Shipyard

​We are glad to announce a new contract with Tengda Shipyard for the monitoring construction of general cargo units, designed specifically for the transportation of bauxite mineral products.

Thanks to the perfect teamwork of our team in China, who managed all the local relations with the designer and the representative of the site, and our team in Northern Europe, who followed up in all relationships with the project management company based in Holland, we started an important collaboration with Tengda Shipyard.

In particular, the units have been designed specifically for the transportation of bauxite from West Africa (Republic of Guinea) and the mining site is located in the area of Bel Air, where the extracted bauxite is transported to nearby Conakry. Here, the units will alternate in supplying the mineral to a transhipper, who will then transfer the bauxite to seagoing bulk carrier units.

Concordia Group Shipbuilding oversees the project management activities, while the end user is SMT Shipping.

To celebrate this event, they organised a ceremony for the vessel's entry into service with the participation of the President of the Republic of Paraguay, Mr. Horacio Cartes.