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ARTICLE - 03/10/2017

RINAUTIC magazine: interview to Bernardo Zuccon

Innovative design, close collaboration

Success drives a desire to innovate and collaborate – which in turn drive success. It's a virtuous cycle we're happy to be in right now. A favourable market and increased demand for our design services has given us the ability to reinvest in our studio and in developing new products. We have been able to bring some talented new employees on board and are enlarging our headquarters. We're also expanding through collaboration and are hoping to sign new agreements in addition to our existing partnerships with Ferretti Group and its Custom Line brand. Our aim is to collaborate with more leading Italian brands, especially shipyards capable of building yachts of 70 metres and more.

Making an impact in competitive markets – particularly new areas of yacht design or those which are experiencing a rebirth – requires not just clever ideas but solid investment in research and experimentation. Innovation and technical development is at the core of our business, so it's heartening to see that forward-thinking shipyards are once again starting to invest serious time and funds in research. Research is the most important part of any design project, from identifying the theme to developing a structured concept with formal, stylistic and technological components. Outside of commercial projects with set requirements and production deadlines, there also needs to be space to experiment. That's why as a company we are investing significantly in R&D, with a new internal department dedicated to research and smart partnerships.

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