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ARTICLE - 28/09/2017

RINAUTIC Magazine: interview to Rossinavi shipyard

Perfection is different from owner to owner.

Every shipbuilder will tell you how demanding and fast-paced their own sector has become in recent years. The field of luxury yacht building, however, deserves a place at the top. An increasingly younger customer base is now requesting a superyacht that is not just “custom” but absolutely unique, with high-tech design solutions providing flexibility, guaranteed high quality and environmental sustainability. Being good is no longer good enough. In the context of rising competition, customers are also demanding faster delivery times.

We meet those challenges head on by owning the value chain, from the initial design to the finished boat. Every element, from mechanical components to accessories, is designed and produced in-house in one of our three yards. This is the only way we can guarantee quality and availability. In-house production also allows us to innovate and continuously improve our parts and processes to satisfy customer demands. How can a shipbuilder push the boundaries and strive for perfection when he relies on outsourced work or components subcontracted from suppliers?

Owning the entire value chain allows us great versatility. Since we are not reliant upon particular suppliers, we are not restricted to churning out similar designs. In 2017, for example, we have produced two yachts with centreline propulsion, two with water jets and two with pods powered by diesel-electric engines. Versatility allows us to create unique boats that embody the owner’s wishes and satisfy their high expectations.

Of course, innovation and versatility require the very best technology available. We invest significantly in our workshops, with modern machines and high-tech workstations in all three of our sites: Polo Nautico and DR12 in the Viareggio harbour, and our newer Pisa production site with access to the sea and Port of Livorno via the Navicelli channel. The new industrial building in Pisa, in front of the historic area where we build and fit large hulls and superstructures, contains a state-of-the-art CNC pantograph for cutting sheet metal. Equipment like this allows us to continue crafting all of our own components and guarantee faster production times. This will become especially important in the next few years, as demand for mega yachts over 70 metres grows.

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