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NEWS - 14/09/2017

RINA validates and verifies the first forestry project in Lao PDR

Lao Thai Hua Rubber Co. Ltd, sister company of Thai Hua Rubber Public Company Ltd is the owner of the project. Thai Hua Rubber Public Co.,Ltd head office is situated in Bangkok. The company has 11 production plants in different region of Thailand and 1 branch office in Shanghai, China. In total the company employs about 1900-2000 workforce. The company has bussiness joint venjtures with foreign investors to produce Medical Rubber Glove, rubber wood Kitchenware, auto Tyre, raw and roasted Coffee Bean.

RINA, commissioned by Lao Thai Hua Rubber Co. Ltd has Validated and verified the greenhouse gas emission reductions reported for the project activity: a rubber based agro-forestry system aims at developing a pioneering forestry CDM project in Loa PDR by establishing 969.20 Ha of rubber plantation. The species selected for the plantation is Hevea brasiliensis, commonly known as Rubber tree. The name of the clone used is RRIM 600.

The project is implemented through active participation of rural communities in the area who had leased their land to the project owner and provides their labour for project implementation whilst the project owner provided the capital, technological expertise and marketing of the dried latex. This model is popularly referred to in Lao PDR as the 2 + 3 model our team performed through a combination of document review, interviews with relevant personnel and on-site inspections.

Sampling and data testing activities were planned to address any risk where the likelihood of a material discrepancy not being detected by the audit team was judged to be unacceptably high. The audit team created a validation plan that took the sampling plan into account.

We verified the non-permanence risk rating of the proposed project activity, and concluded that the risk rating applicable for this verification period is 10% (i.e. equal to 3,468 tCO2e). Hence we were able to certify that the emission reductions from the project during the monitoring period 08/07/2008 to 07/07/2015 amount to 31,218 tCO2e.

Rekha Menon