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NEWS - 05/09/2017

Life-Saving appliances: 6 new courses in collaboration with BC Service Academy

After many months working to develop a training package to provide LSA equipment maintenance and operation best practices, RINA Academy is proudly announcing a high level collaboration with BC Service Academy.

With over 70 years of experience in LSA inspections, repairs and general overhaul, authorized by most Administrations, Class Registries and Manufacturers to inspect and certify LSA installed onboard, active worldwide in all shipping sectors with subsidiaries in Americas, Europe and Asia, BC Service recently gave birth to BC Service Academy, an International Training Center for onshore and offshore personnel.

While new technologies and advanced materials are changing the world around us, enhancing the overall safety and reliability of LSA equipment, Human Factor is still playing a paramount role to strongly increase the level of reliability and dramatically reduce the number of accidents and failures, and this is just one of the reasons why these six new courses have been added to our portfolio.

Based on a shared know-how, realized with materials specifically created with the purpose of balancing continuous technological improvements with an adequate human involvement, carried out by qualified trainers and skilled technicians, the courses will address topics related to LSA, with the following titles:
  • O-S13: Fall Wires Advanced
  • O-S14: Fall Wires Management - Maintenance and Inspection
  • O-S15: LSA Systems
  • O-S16: LSA Systems - Maintenance and Inspections
  • O-S17: On-Load Release Systems
  • O-S18: Safety Awareness - Survival Craft, Release and Recovery.
Available with in-house approach (at your premises upon your kind request), all of them have been included in the SAFETY AND CARGO HANDLING Category of Ship Operators Area, developed only and can be looked up on our website.

Enrico Ursomando