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ARTICLE - 02/08/2017

Seaview magazine: Andreas Hadjiyiannis, Owner, Cyprus Sea Lines

The dry bulk sector and shipping industry in general are undergoing huge transformation, and there are many opportunities to look forward to as well as risks to look out for. Whatever changes and challenges we face, I remain passionate about offering the highest quality service. I also believe that, in times of turbulence, we should stay calm and focus on fundamental principles. Sensible reactions to long-term trends of supply and demand are the best response to uncertainty.

We think about the long term because we buy ships in order to operate them for many years. We’re currently in the process of renewing our fleet, replacing vessels over 15 years old with newer ships that will provide a safe service for the next years. The present condition of the market has benefits for those who are interested in upgrading their fleet.

Making sensible and long-term decisions is a principle that applies to marine technology. Every marine-related invention or new software is screened and tested by our team. Decisions are based on one fundamental principle: Technology to help us provide safer quality services and protect the environment.

Our fleet includes over 40 vessels, and over the years we have worked with most IACS class societies. In recent years, we’ve developed a strong and fruitful relationship with RINA in particular. We’ve now started the process of transferring the whole fleet to RINA class and so far – we’re on the fifth vessel – we are confident it’s the right choice. We also work with RINA to help us prepare for the new MRV regulation and to implement smart DSS software to manage our ships’ energy performance.

What we most value in our cooperation with RINA is the chance to share ideas about improving quality and safety. The collaborative approach of the dedicated RINA team in Piraeus allows us to face future challenges together. Their network is wide and able to support our projects all around the world, from Panama to China. It’s efficient and gratifying to have a team that understands the complicated marine issues and the technical problems we face every day. We look forward to “flying the RINA flag” at our new headquarters in Athens.

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