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ARTICLE - 24/07/2017

Seaview magazine: Interview with Capt. Marc Nuytemans, Managing Director EXMAR Ship Management

External ship management companies need to take a more proactive approach in order to play a more important role in the market. Our aim at EXMAR Ship Management is to integrate more closely with clients. Sometimes we enter into joint venture ownership of assets and operations, or build clients’ processes into our own organisation. This helps us understand and serve their needs better.

Diversity allows us to integrate and understand. We hire people that reflect our industry and our world. In our head office in Antwerp, you’ll meet an almost equal male-female staff ratio and many nationalities. Diversity brings different ideas and contrasting approaches, key to the creativity and innovation we need to succeed.

This international outlook applies to partners. We work closely with RINA on Italian-related ship management operations and legislation. We are also an active member of RINA’s North European Advisory Committee. However, we appreciate that RINA is not just an Italian class society dealing with Italian ships and Italian issues. They have a truly international reach and outlook.

We don’t see RINA as just a service provider, calling on them only when required to demonstrate compliance with a particular rule. Class societies should be stakeholders in ship management and an integral part of operations. Why? Let’s say a company implements condition-based maintenance autonomously and something goes amiss. That company will then be liable. Seeking the support of additional experts in the first place means that things are far less likely to go wrong. Using class societies merely for audits or compliance issues is a missed opportunity. For this reason EXMAR Ship Management works closely with RINA, also to innovate.

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