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ARTICLE - 06/07/2017

InfoSHIP® EGO 3.0 – analytics for all

Collecting large amounts of reliable data on board ships is no longer restricted to rich pioneers and technology enthusiasts. With numerous permanent monitoring systems now on the market, it’s easy and affordable for all of us. The era of big data has reached the maritime sector.

Big data can help shipping in the same way that it helps other fields. In medicine, for example, doctors working with data scientists can draw valuable conclusions by applying machine learning algorithms to large datasets.

InfoSHIP® EGO, the fleet performance software suite developed by RINA, brings together software development, big data analysis, naval architecture, seagoing experience and regulation compliance to benefit the end user.

InfoSHIP® EGO 3.0 comes with a plug-and-play hardware kit for even smoother installation. It includes ISO 19030 data validation and is capable of running any external script related to data analysis.

The Analytics and Reporting module has been revamped and offers various options for analysing areas such as dry dock intervention or hull degradation. It’s the perfect tool for both small companies with limited personnel and large companies seeking advanced technical and commercial fleet performance analysis.

InfoSHIP® EGO also offers the ability to acquire noon reports. This low-cost option can be a starting point for shipping companies to comply with MRV data collection requirements and perform basic analysis. It can also be the first step towards upgrading to automatic data acquisition on newer ships that are already well equipped with sensors.

Data from inhomogeneous data sources are merged in a database and filtered, processed and analysed by the Analytics and Reporting module. This can be done whether the data source is a noon report or the Data Collector module. Some features are:
  • Create ship consumption models through machine learning algorithms
  • Compare a ship with sister vessels
  • Compare the performance of a ship over different periods of time (e.g. before and after dry dock)
  • Filter the data
  • Set and analyze specific KPIs
  • Export specific data into standard templates for periodic reporting.
Users can manage the data transparently and independently from acquisition source and frequency. This provides a unique repository for technical and commercial analysis of fleet performance data.

Shipping companies are now free to invest more in ships that are considered a high-value asset, while keeping costs low on older vessels. Investment costs can be spread out over the years if required. Data can be protected from both manual error and sensor failure – data gaps in the reporting will never occur with InfoSHIP® EGO. For more information, see http://infoshipego.rina.org.

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Alessandro Pescetto