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ARTICLE - 16/06/2017

Seaview magazine: Bartłomiej Mazuruk, Shipping Policy Deputy Director, Polferries

The outlook for Polferries and Polish shipping in general is optimistic. Trade between the countries of Central and Southern Europe and Scandinavia is subject to an upward trend and a further increase is expected. More trade, of course, means more demand for carrying goods across the Baltic Sea.

Current carriage capacity is insufficient to carry all the furniture, automotive parts and other products from Polish manufacturers to Swedish companies such as IKEA and Volvo, as well as other Scandinavian countries.

We’ve therefore ordered a new ro-ro ferry to meet the current and expected increase in demand. It will be built mainly in the Polish shipyard of Gryfia in Szczecin for delivery in 2020. We’re currently considering all options, but it’s likely to be LNG-fuelled for both environmental and cost reasons.

We’re not the only ones in Poland optimistic about LNG. Other market players and the Polish government are also focused on improving LNG infrastructure. The Świnoujście LNG terminal is an example of this.

These changes and challenges make my job immensely varied. In the shipping policy department, we deal with everything from scheduling and freight tariffs to coordination with ferry terminals, forwarding companies and travel agents. It’s a joy to be surrounded by specialists who understand the market, stay up to date with developments and drive our strategy forward.

Class societies support us in daily technical operations and planned drydockings, as well as helping us to fulfil all the forthcoming requirements for seagoing vessels.

RINA supported us in our 2015 modernisation of our “Mazovia” ferry, during which we added a new accommodation deck with passenger cabins and completely refurbished public spaces. The design and steel works were supported and surveyed by RINA, not only because the vessel was under RINA class, but because we knew we could rely on the professionalism and expertise of their surveyors. We look forward to continuing this relationship of trust and responsibility as we face the exciting times ahead.

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