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ARTICLE - 10/04/2017

Energy+ magazine: Murat Simsek, Integrity and Reliability Director in Tüpraş

Tüpraş Modern Refineries Provide it with Greater Processing Flexibility

Tupras_Murat_Simsek.JPGTurkish Petroleum Refineries A.S. (Tüpraş) is the only refining company in Turkey.

It operates four oil refineries in Turkey with a combined crude handling capacity of 28 million tons per year. Following a Fuel Oil Conversion Project fully completed in 2015, the Izmit refinery, which has a processing capacity of 11 million tons per year, increased its Nelson complexity index (NCI) from 7.5 to 14.5.

The other refineries are the Izmir, which also has a processing capacity of 11 million tons per year; the Kirikkale, which processes 5 million tons, and the Batman refinery with 1.1 million tons per year.

My role is that of Reliability and Integrity Director across the Tüpraş business. The most important part of my job is to assure continued safe operation of the refineries and to help ensure any unexpected shutdowns, leaks or failures are prevented.

This involves working throughout the complete lifecycle of every single piece of equipment across the plants. I am involved from the very beginning at the design phase right through to decommissioning or replacement of a unit.

We have challenging projects and maintenance schedules and this means we also look to reliable partners to support our activities. To this end, we frequently use third party inspection agencies and consulting engineers who are involved in fabrication and installation activities of ongoing grass roots or brownfield projects.

RINA is currently working as our third party inspection body to the follow up on the fabrication and construction activities relating to our Crude Oil Distillation Revamp Project at the Izmir refinery.

We selected RINA for this work as it has a capable and experienced work force and offers competitive commercial terms. This is a required combination as we have to assure the highest quality but, as previously mentioned, we also need to make sure we remain competitive.

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