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NEWS - 07/03/2017

Abu Qir offshore facilities inspection and re-certification

RINA Egypt has acquired the tender issued by Abu Qir Petroleum, relevant to the inspection and re-certification of Abu Qir offshore facilities for five years.

The tender scope is the performance of the needed surveys for the issue of a Class certificate & Safe Operation certificate for all Abu Qir Petroleum company fixed offshore gas production platforms located in Abu Qir bay, Alexandria (Egypt).

The Abu Qir company field is consisting of 5 complex platform under the scope of the contract. RINA activities include the surveys of platform structure, relevant top side facilities, electrical instrumentation, life-saving appliances and lifting appliances. The class certificate is issued in accordance with the RINA rules for the fixed offshore platforms.

The company Abu Qir Petroleum is a joint venture company between EGPC (Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation) and Edison Italy. The signature of the contract between RINA and Abu Qir Petroleum is a further step in the sustainable development and growth of RINA Egypt Energy hub inside the Egyptian Oil & Gas market.

Shehab Mohamed El Matbouly