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RINA Test Laboratory: recognitions

​The RINA Test Laboratory is accredited by ACCREDIA for the test methods and calibrations shown in the leaflets.

The accreditation is the formal acknowledgement of the laboratory compliance to the system requirements for all testing and calibration activities and of the technical competence for the accredited test methods and calibrations.

In the following the direct link to the ACCREDIA web site for the list of the accredited test methods: click here.

In the following the direct link to the ACCREDIA web site for the list of the accredited calibrations: click here.

Marine sector

The RINA Test Laboratory has been indicated by the International Maritime Organisation (UNO agency dealing with safety at sea) as national reference laboratory for tests in connection with the International Code for Application of Fire Test Procedures (FTP Code).

This code, which forms an integral part of the international convention for the safety of life at sea (SOLAS 74), contains the requirements for test laboratories and the test procedures applicable for the purpose of certifying materials for which the above-mentioned Convention foresees specific fire resistance or reaction characteristics.

The RINA Test Laboratory has been approved by the United States Coast Guard for the purpose of acceptance, by the United States Administration, of the results of all the tests foreseen by the IMO FTP Code.

This approval represents recognition of the laboratory as one of the most reliable centres in the world in the marine sector and, together with recognition by the Italian Administration as notified body pursuant to the European Directive on Marine Equipment, enables RINA to offer fire test and certification services, recognised worldwide, which can be effectively used by manufacturers of plants and equipment for ships and by yards throughout the world.

Building sector

The RINA Test Laboratory is authorised by the Ministry of the Interior, according to the criteria of the Ministerial Decree dated 26 March 1985, to operate in connection with fire resistance on non load-bearing vertical division elements, as foreseen in MD 16 February 2007 and in connection with doors and other closing elements, and as foreseen in Ministerial Decree dated 21 June 2004, as well as in accordance with the EN 1634 and UNI 9723 standards.

The RINA Test Laboratory is authorised, on the basis of the same criteria, to also operate in relation to fire reaction of materials, as foreseen by the Regulation 305/2011 on Construction Products and the Ministerial Decree of 26 June 1984.

Railway sector

The RINA Test Laboratory has been judged suitable by the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport to carry out tests relevant to material characteristics (fire resistance and reaction and toxicity) in connection with legislative decree no.299, dated 24 May 2001, transposing Directive 96/48/EC on the interoperability of the trans-European high-speed rail system.


The Test Laboratory is a member of EGOLF (The European Group of Organisations for Fire Testing, Inspection and Certification) which is a focus for collaboration between the official fire testing laboratories in Europe. It is also aimed to provide technical harmonisation and to promote research and development in fire testing.


The RINA Test Laboratory is recognised by the Swiss VFK (Association of insurance companies of public buildings).