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Our Laboratory

​The RINA Test Laboratory, performs the following types of tests:
  • Fire Tests marine applications
  • Fire Tests building & railway applications
  • Tests on life-saving appliances
  • Tests on personal protective equipment
  • Verification of material testing equipment
  • Accessory services
The laboratory is equipped with the best technology needed for the services shown, including:

Furnace for fire division tests

The furnace, with a 3040 x 3040 x 1000 mm combustion chamber, complies with the ISO 834:2000 standard and can reach a maximum temperature of 1200°C. The furnace can be used either in a vertical or horizontal position and is equipped with an automatic temperature rise control and computerised acquisition of temperature measurements.

SBI testing equipment

Single Burning Item is a fire reaction test method, defined by the EN 13823 standard, where building products (excluding floorings) are exposed to thermal attack by a sandbox burner supplied with propane. The sample is placed under a hood and exhaust duct and is monitored instrumentally to measure the quantity of heat and smoke released.

Equipment to determine optical smoke density and toxicity

​​A sample, 76 x 76 mm, is subjected to two levels of radiation: 50 kW/m2 and 25 kW/m2. The smoke produced is intercepted by an optical path which measures its density conventionally. Gas samples are taken from the test chamber for the required chemical analyses to assess their toxicity.