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RINA Test Laboratory

The RINA Test Laboratory was established in 1965 as the Fire Research Laboratory with the purpose of giving the industry, mainly Italian at that time, a site where materials involved in the structural fire protection of ships could be tested in accordance with the applicable national and international testing procedures and standards.

Following the international development of RINA activities, the Fire Research Laboratory has gained, during these years, a worldwide reputation as one of the most competent laboratories for the performance of fire tests for marine applications.

In the meantime, also its field of interest has expanded, besides the fire tests in the ship and building field, through the inclusion of activities not directly related to fire tests, such as tests on personal lifesaving appliances, personal protective equipment and calibration of testing machines.

The RINA Test Laboratory is one of the first laboratories to have introduced the use of finite element mathematical modelling to predict the behaviour of complex structures, such as panelling, ceilings, doors, etc., when subjected to fire.