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Our Laboratory

The Railway Certification Laboratory has the most up-to-date and efficient equipment to perform conformity verification of products for ERTMS/ETCS control-command and signalling systems.

Laboratory at a glance

  • 3 Test benches fully compliant to UNISIG SUBSET-036, SUBSET-085
  • 1 Test bench fully compliant to UNISIG SUBSET-094, SUBSET-076, SUBSET-026
  • Modern cutting edge equipment compliant to the reference standards
  • More than 300 mq area dedicated to testing activities
  • More than 3,000 hours dedicated in R&D projects in CCS framework.


The laboratory operates in compliance with all the requirements of the UNISIG SUBSET-085 standard and with a high level of automation. Some of the LEU tests, currently not covered by SUBSET-085, are performed according to specific RINA procedures based on the UNISIG SUBSET-036 standard. Moreover, the laboratory can perform not only the optional interoperability tests Antenna/BTM with KER balise (according to the UNISIG SUBSET-100, SUBSET-101 and SUBSET-102 standards), but also the susceptibility tests of the Antenna/BTM (according to the UNISIG SUBSET-116 standard).
The laboratory has a high precision positioning structure (APT – Antenna Position Tool) which enables it to perform static and dynamic tests according to SUBSET-085.

The test benches are equipped with the most modern instruments, not only those available on the market but also specifically designed and validated to perform the tests. The main ones include:
  • Standard and reduced size reference loops, which represent the reference Balises according to SUBSET-085;
  • Test Antenna, 4.2MHz Antenna, Activation Antenna which represent the reference antennas according to SUBSET-085;
  • LTOM (Laboratory Time and Odometer Module), a tool which simulates the train in terms of odometric data during the tests;
  • Simulators of cables and LZB cable (Linienzugbeeinflussung);
  • Simulator of various Return Loss conditions for Interface C of the Balise.
The presence of two completely independent test benches makes it possible to perform tests in parallel both of different products, thus eliminating client waiting time, and different specimens of the same product, thereby reducing the overall time of the entire testing activities.


The laboratory operates in compliance with all the requirements of the UNISIG SUBSET-103 standard. Many software and hardware tools are shared with the EUROBALISE section. According to the test procedures, currently under development, the tests will be carried out with a high degree of automation, in full compliance with the UNISIG SUBSET-103 and SUBSET-044 standards.


The laboratory can perform tests on the mobile terminals using GSM-R network coverage, accessible via a SIM-CARD suitably configured for the purposes of the tests. The laboratory is mainly used for pre-conformity tests in accordance with EIRENE FRS and SRS, UIC O-3001, UNISIG SUBSET-093 and UIC O-2475.


The laboratory operates in compliance with all the requirements of the UNISIG SUBSET-094 standard. The conformity tests of the ETCS on-board subsystems, levels 1 and 2, are performed with a high level of automation and using suitably designed hardware and software, in full compliance with the UNISIG SUBSET-076 standard for Baseline 2 and Baseline 3.