ita_logo ITA is a laboratory which offers diverse and integrable solutions. These range from consumer tests to physical-chemistry analyses on a food and non-food basis, to food labelling conformity assessments, to the creation of web areas where documents can be consulted and where rating of one’s own products and suppliers can be checked. ​
  ssm_logoStudio Sperimentale Metalsiderurgico (SSM) is a laboratory specialised in quality control of materials, authorised by national and foreign test bodies to undertake mechanical and technical testing and investigations into materials. Since 1978, it has been performing services on behalf of the mechanical, naval, petrochemical and energy industries. 
​  LAB21_logo LAB21 is a laboratory, established in Tunisia, specialised in microbiological and chemical - physical analyses on food, water and raw materials, through a network of centres which collect samples from all over the territory. It was set up in 2001 by a multidisciplinary team of experts, evolving from the Department of Health and Food Microbiology Laboratory established in 1985, is accredited according to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard and supports local companies and multinationals. ​​
​  LAB_logo Test Laboratory was established in 1965 as the Fire Research Laboratory and has gained a worldwide reputation as one of the most competent laboratories for the performance of fire tests for marine applications. In the meantime its field of interest has expanded, besides the fire tests in the ship and building field, through the inclusion of activities not directly related to fire tests, such as tests on personal lifesaving appliances, personal protective equipment and calibration of testing machines. ​​
  railwaylab_logo Railway Certification Laboratory is a laboratory which certifies products used in the railway signalling sector in accordance with European directive 2008/57/EC on the interoperability of European conventional and high-speed railway systems. The laboratory has the most advanced equipment to check compliance of products intended to be used in the ERTMS/ETCS trackside and on-board subsystems.