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42th Annual Interferry Conference

Introducing Infoship Ego 3.0: when “Ship Big Data” make your yachts safer

Le Méridien Lav, Split (Croatia) from 10/7/2017 to 10/11/2017

Main topics of the 2017 Interferry Conference range from digitalization and big data to new ship technologies. Applying machine learning algorithms to big data can help solving several issues in different fields and the yachting and naval sector makes no exception.

Pino Spadafora, Northen Europe Area Manager, will therefore hold a conference about “Ship Big Data” the 10 october at 3.30pm.
In particular, he will introduce Infoship Ego 3.0, the new version of our fleet performance software which comes with a plug and play hardware kit for an even more smooth installation on board, ISO 19030 data validation and is capable to run any external script related to data analysis. The Analytics and Reporting module is totally re-written, offering both easy and guided analysis like dry dock intervention or hull degradation and custom and complex analysis.

Infoship Ego 3.0 can create ship consumption models through machine learning algorithms, compare one ship with other sister vessels, compare the performance of one ship over different periods of time and much more. This is the first step towards big data, upgrading to automatic data acquisition on the ships that are more new and already well equipped in terms of sensors.

Attend the 42th Annual Interferry Conference and learn how to exploit Big Data to make your ship safer. You can visit the Interferry Conference website for further information.