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Mare Forum Italy 2017

The Italian Ulysses' view: what the shipping future holds?

Radisson Blu Hotel, Rome (Italy) from 5/4/2017 to 5/4/2017
The “renaissance” of the shipping and commodity markets, the upcoming industrial and technology post-crisis “revolution”, the regulations and the environmental imperatives, the future of the global shipping hubs, the threats and opportunities affecting shipping and views on smart investments: these are among the topics of the 13th Mare Forum Italy, a wonderful environment for brainstorming, sharing and improving knowledge and intelligence.

In connection with the Conference, RINA will be represented by:
  1. Ugo Salerno, President and CEO from RINA, who will participate in the Opening & Welcome Session.
  2. Michele Francioni, CEO from RINA SERVICES, who will chair the Session 1 – Where is Shipping heading? The post crisis perceptions and realities, and will intervene in the Conclusion Session.
For further information, please visit the Mare Forum Italy website.