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CLIA Executive Partner Conference 2017

An Integrated Approach to Cyber Assurance and Related Operational Risks

St. Pancras Reinassance Hotel, London (United Kingdom) from 2/6/2017 to 2/7/2017
The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) presents their new event, which combines the Port & Destination and Technical & Regulatory Forums into a two-day conference hosting more than 190 participants, including 40 cruise line executives.

On day one, during the Port & Destination Forum, decision-makers from the cruise industry will discuss on important matters for the port and destination community. In the second day, which features the Technical & Regulatory Forum, a broad and informative update on the current issues faced by the cruise industry will be provided: Paolo Moretti, Marine & Transport CCO from RINA, will participate in the panel entitled ‘An Integrated Approach to Cyber Assurance and Related Operational Risks’.

This is the panel's abstract:
Greater connectivity and online interaction can transform and enhance numerous areas of maritime operations, the guest experience, and safety processes. However, in the face of more frequent and complex reliance on electronic systems, particularly with the development of the Internet of things and the increasing role they will play and vulnerabilities they may create, the benefits of technological innovation come at the price of a need for evermore greater preparation and diligence.

Key to this approach is the integration of operational risk and cyber assurance – when operators pair their IT and operational risk functions, they can build strong cyber assurance defences. Governance, ownership, the harnessing technology, data and analytics and interlinkage of these processes across operational risk and cyber assurance are key to developing a unified response and bridging the gap between the chief technology officer and the chief risk officer.

The panel will approach this topic from a range of perspectives, exploring both the risks and preventative, proactive and reactive solutions for defence from cyber risk and maintenance of cyber integrity.

For any further information, please read the CLIA Executive Partner Conference brochure.

Paolo Moretti