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Sustainability in the Marine Industry

Environmental footprint: a new green class notation

RAI Centre, Amsterdam (Netherlands) from 11/14/2016 to 11/14/2016
The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) may have an always more relevant role in the dismantling and responsible recycling of yachts, minimising issues surrounding their end-of-life.

Designers, boat builders and manufacturers can profitably pass from a linear economy, in which the products are sent to their final disposal, to a circular economy, in which is maximized the recycling of the waste coming from each phase of the product life cycle.

Fiorenzo Spadoni, Italy Yachting Centre Manager from RINA Services, will address these topics within the Session Five – Life Cycle Assessment. His speech will introduce the Environmental footprint, a new yacht additional class notation based on the implementation of LCA.

Thanks to this class notation, the shipyard will be able to point out the critical environmental points along the life cycle of the yacht, to reduce the environmental impacts in their design and construction processes.

The conference is held by Quaynote Communications and Yacht Media, in connection with Metstrade 2016 and with the technical cooperation from ICOMIA.

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Fiorenzo Spadoni