People are the key to our success. Working in RINA SERVICES​ means expressing your talent in an international, multicultural and multidisciplinary context. It means contributing to the innovative and sustainable development of customers, building a relationship of mutual trust based on common goals with them, to improve the quality of life.

It means developing across-the-board skills in TIC-Services, delivered to customers operating in the following markets: Maritime, Oil & Gas and Petrolchemicals, Power Generation, Infrastructures and Real Estate, Transport and Logistics, Mining and Heavy industry, Manufacturing and Retails, Agriculture and Food, Public Administration, Aerospace and Defence, Financial and Insurance Organisations, Professional Services.

We believe in the importance of values such as teamwork and the spirit of collaboration, maximisation of individual skills, bringing together different educational backgrounds and cultures, the daily search for innovative solutions.

We are looking for professionals and/or first job seekers who share these values and who intend to build a pathway of excellence, in order to help public and private organisations achieve their key goals of quality, safety, innovation and sustainability.

The skills of our employees are a precious investment: which is why we offer ongoing opportunities to grow, with about 155,000 hours of training and development per year.

When you grow, we grow too – don’t miss the chance to grow with us.​